Bath Time Makes Every Day a Party with Our Luxurious Creations.

Welcome to my shop! My name is Jennifer and I am a mom to seven beautiful kids, several now young adults. I am a former Professor and High School Teacher, Part-Time Family Court Attorney, turned Full-Time Bath Entrepreneur.

My journey started when my youngest two children were both diagnosed with special needs. My youngest is Autistic and Non-verbal. Both children have Sensory Processing Disorder. It was my need to take the crying out of bath time (my tears too) that led me to bath play doh, bath bombs and bath cupcakes. My daughter and I fell in love with all of the amazing products out there, however I did not fall in love with the prices and unhealthy ingredients. Many bath items have preservatives to keep them fresh. I began to experiment and came up with my own healthy recipes. I love to travel and you will see some bath products inspired from places around the globe. You can custom make pretty much any bomb, cupcake, or surprise inside item just by contacting our store. Anyone local to the Buffalo, NY area can order custom and pick up so they can avoid shipping. You will find me at many of the Markets on weekends over this summer. I am also working on a line of Charity Cupcakes, where 85% of all proceeds will go to the charity or family in need introduced on the page. In the next few weeks we will begin to add more of our products. I look forward to working with you.

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